Unrivalled accommodation on the wonderful island of Alderney

Farm Court is in the town of St. Anne away from the busier streets, close to Connaught Square and the Island Library, home to the famous Bayeux Tapestry Finale. The majority of Alderney's tourist accommodation is not on the coast, which gives the glorious beaches the advantage of being free from the pressures of commerce. However, island distances are small so that all the amenities are within walking distance. As well as the choice of beaches with fine sand and safe bathing, all washed twice daily by the tides, there are exhilarating cliff walks, and extensive views over our tiny island - only 3.5 miles by a maximum of 1 mile wide.


A day's walk would take you around the beaches and cliffs and Victorian forts, with the remains of German occupation during World War II still evident.

The town is cobbled and charming with good pubs, cafes and restaurants. Food is served in some of the pubs. Shopping is limited but good; V.A.T does not apply! There is a cinema which shows films on general release; there are music recitals and occasional jazz on a summer eve. There's a fascinating museum to give you the history of the island - and what a history! From Iron Age to Roman, to Norman, to Napoleonic, Victorian, World War evacuation and dark days, Alderney's history is well worth investigating.

Since then the island has quietly prospered, but change has been slow. No high-rise, no burgeoning commercialism: but a quiet place where you can enjoy the gannets at Gannet Rock and the oyster catchers on Fort Houmet Herbe, see the stars at night, or maybe listen to your favourite blues number whilst enjoying lunch in the garden of the Georgian House.

And then there is Alderney Week! Not that we're incapable of enjoying life all year round, but Alderney Week, the first week in August, is very special. Its celebrations are justly famous amongst regular visitors, so accommodation is rather scarce. (It's not particularly easy to find accommodation throughout school holiday weeks: come between whiles if you are able.)

There are numerous well-established island events throughout the year. There's milk-o-punch Sunday in May for serious imbibers; the Air Race in June; the sailing regatta in July; the Hill Climb, the Fun Run and half marathon in September; there are food festivals, angling festivals and wildlife festivals, tennis competitions, sailing events . . . and the splendid golf course is a challenging nine holes with magnificent views. Our unique blonde hedgehogs wander about at night, and puffins visit the island of Burhou during the nesting season. There are boat trips, and fishing is always on the agenda, as is sandcastling and sunbathing, walking and talking...

So come and find for yourself the reasons that visitors become addicted to Alderney's way of life.

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Learn watercolours in Alderney and stay at Farm Court

In the last week of August, Farm Court occasionally hosts a Landscape Watercolour Painting Course tutored by former resident Alison Cotton. For details of these courses, please go to www.learnwatercoloursoutdoors.com

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